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Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu temple located in Pecatu village south of Denpasar city and 45 drive from Ngurah Rai airport. Uluwatu temple is one of six major temple in Bali island or one of sad kahyangan jagat of Balinese. Uluwatu come from word Ulu and Watu which is Ulu means head and Watu means stone. Uluwatu temple build on cliff top which is  Balinese belief that this temple function as  protection for Bali island from evil influences or negative influences. Uluwatu temple built in 11th century and open for public. Small forest will pampered you on the way to main area, called Kereran forest inhabited by hundred of holy monkeys.

Popular tourist attraction on Bali island

Uluwatu temple is one of best tourist attraction in Bali island offer beautiful panorama with spectacular sunset and beautiful view of Indian ocean from cliff bank. On left side of Uluwatu tempel there is Kecak dance perfomance every day, start at 6 p.m  open for tourist only. Kecak dance is a mass dance perfomance which is describes the role of Rama and Sita based on puppet story. Kecak dance is usually shown in Kerauhan or Mesolah means magically immune so it is not burned by the fire.
Kecak dance is unique dance which is not accompanying music or Balinese instrument. Kecak dance performance only combine by the art of sounds mouth, like : cak cak ke cak ke cak ke, so that why this dance called kecak dance.

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