Lovina Tours

Lovina Tours

Lovina Tours is one of best way to explore the beauty of the North Bali island. This tour will take you to visit interesting places in north part of Bali island, such as visit Gitgit waterfall, Banjar hot spring, Buddhist temple, visit Luwak Coffee plantation, etc.

The tour start at 8:00 am from hotel and then visit Taman Ayun temple as first destination. Taman Ayun temple founded by royal Mengwi which consist of three parts : the outer, middle and inner part which is each part has a different function. Third part of the temple there is additional exterior surrounded by a large pond, so the existence of the temple is look beautiful.

After that continue to visit  Ulun Danu temple which is build on the lake and one popular destination in Bali, after that we will visit Gitgit waterfall located in Gitgit village, Sukasada sub district. Gitgit waterfall is highest  waterfall in north part of Bali. After that  visit Lovina beach and having lunch.

And then continue to visit Buddhist temple located is not far from Banjar Hot Spring. Buddhist temple offer beautiful temple with Bali ornament or combined with Bali architecture. After that visit Banjar Hot Spring and Luwak coffee plantation is our last destination for this tour.

Tour Itinerary:

Regular tours price:

  • USD 60/ car 
  • Maximum 6 persons
Tour included:
  • Entrance fee
  • Lunch
  • Dinner not included in the price
  • Duration 12 hours for extra time $5 / hour.

Bali Tour Packages 4 Days and 3 Nights